As you know, software development requires a lot of time and effort, though we've provided this software for everyone free of charge, we would really appreciate if you could spare some money so that this software will continue promoting while still remaining free.

If you use PersianMobiDict extensively, and want to donate for further development you may consider contributing any amount that you think it deserves. Note that it is considered strictly a donation and you won't receive any extras in return except warm feeling that you helped the development of the software you are using. Donors will be mentiond here as a token of appriciation.

The following people have made a contribution

19 Nov 2007 Farnam Ajamian Canada $10.00 USD
29 Apr 2008 Amir Reza Khosroshahi Iran 40,000 Rials
3 Jan 2011 Mohammad Hojjati Saeedi Iran 50,000 Rials

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