Our goal is to provide dictionaries which enable translation from Persian to any other language, and vice versa, for Java-Compatible (J2ME) mobile devices. Your kind supports will have a great impact on the future development of this software! Support This Project

The main advantages of PersianMobiDict over similar products are:

  • Touch-Screen Support, now in version 2.0
    Having received lots of requests concerning those devices that do not have keypad and all they have is just a finger-touch screen, made us return back and put a lot of effort into providing them with touch-screen capabilities. We are proud to announce that PersianMobiDict has achieved this goal completely through its own self-innovated GUI toolkit for J2ME. A rich set of GUI components have been developed for the new GUI framework and are being utilized within the current software. This apparently demonstrates the power behind it! We are planning to document this framework in the near future and to make it available for use in other J2ME projects.
  • Enabling rapid word lookup
    No need to type in the whole word in order to search for it, very helpful in cases where you have forgotten the correct spelling of a word. All you need to do is to start off by typing the first few consecutive letters of your desired word and soon you will be directed to it. No considerable delay would be noticed while performing the search. View the screenshots to find out how it is functioning.
  • Correctly displaying text in Farsi language
    Even if the device does not support Farsi character set at all, our built-in font system does its job entirely independently.

[[Screenshot]]  [[Screenshot]]

Download PersianMobiDict v2.0

(24/06/2008) v2.0, French-Persian

  • French-Persian dictionary with over 16000 words

(22/10/2007) v2.0, English-Persian

  • Entirely rewritten the GUI code based on our new GUI framework.
  • Touch-Screen devices are now supported. Interaction using a pointer and input via a virtual on-screen keyboard has made it even more convenient to use.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

(01/06/2007) v1.0, English-Persian

  • Free Software.
  • Over 50000 English words plus various definitions for each word.
  • Displays a scrollable index of all the words which also enables instant searching while typing.
  • Compatible with most J2ME devices that support: MIDP-2.0, CLDC-1.0, at least 1.4 MB Jar size. For a list of compatible devices, click here.
  • Provides built-in support for Farsi language, which resolves all the problems associated with the displaying of Farsi characters.
  • Independent of the device's screen resolution.